Earn Rewards From American Eagle AEREWARD$

Are you a frequent customer of American Eagle, Aerie or 77kids store? Would you like to enjoy the sales discount from American Eagle Outfitters? Sign up to get an AEREWARD$ card now, and you could earn attractive rewards from American Eagle AEReward$ as well!
What Is The American Eagle AEReward$?

American Eagle Outfitters owns three sub-brands, American Eagle Outfitters (AE), Aerie and 77kids. Each brand targets different groups of consumers. American Eagle AEReward$ program allows customers to earn points from any purchase of these three bands in site store or online store. Each dollar spent on AE equals to 1 point, and the points will be accumulated on AEReward$ account for every 3 months. For up to 100 points, you can enjoy 15% sales discount off; 200 points, 20% discount; 350 points, 30% off; 500 points, 40% discount. With AEReward$ card, you could also enjoy extra rewards, such as special discounts on birthday month, free Aerie bras, members-only sales and events. How To Earn Rewards From American Eagle AEReward$?

  • Requirements
    1. You need to have an AEREWARD$ card.
    2. If you want to manage your rewards points, you need to have an AEO online account (optional).
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. If you do not have an AEREWARD$ card, apply for the card at any local AE or Aerie store, or you can sign up online at AE.com, Aerie.com or 77kids.com.
    2. Once received your AEREWARD$ card, find our the 14-digit card number on the back of the card.
    3. Whenever you make a purchase at AE, Aerie store or online store, enter the card number in My AEREWARD$ # box before checking out. Your will earn your points automatically after purchase.
    4. If you want to manage your rewards points or make a purchase online, click "create account" on sign in page, follow instructions to create your AEO online account. Sign in to your AEO account, and you can manage your earn points at any time you want.
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  3. American Eagle AEREWARD$ Sign In: https://www.ae.com/web/myaccount/login.jsp?aerewards=create

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