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If you are looking to arranging your annual engineer service, why not try booking this visit from a British Gas engineer online at It will ensure that you can choose your favorite time to fit in with your busy schedule, and bring much more convenience to you.
What Is Annual Engineer Service At British Gas?

The annual engineer service is an essential part of British Gas HomeCare agreement. In other words, it is stated as the Safety and Maintenance Inspection, which is designed to make sure that your boiler is operating safely and to peak efficiency. With this service, you are provided another benefit that your boiler runs so much more efficiently, which reduces your monthly gas bill. With a regular service on your boiler by a British Gas registered engineer, who is Gas Safe accredited, you will find that you are paying less gas fee each month, and your boiler will last for longer. How To Book Annual Engineer Service At British Gas?

  • Requirements
    1. You need to register at the official website of British Gas first (related link 2 below).
    2. You need to provide the Unique Reference Number of your account, your post code and contact details as well.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Register at (related link 2 below), and get the account Unique Reference Number.
    2. Visit (related link 1 below), enter your Unique Reference Number and post code.
    3. Check your address retails.
    4. Select an appointment slot.
    5. Provide your contact details.
    6. Complete the booking by confirming the information and wait for the engineers to visit and check your boilers' safety and efficiency.
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