Participate in the Cub Foods Customer Survey

The Cub Foods customer survey is a feedback questionnaire created by Cub Foods to measure how their customers feel about the products and services they offer. Customers of Cub Foods can participate in the survey, which is easy and quick to finish, online. If you participate in the survey, you may express your satisfaction or complaints about the Cub Foods store at which you have most recently shopped. Once you have finished all the survey questions, you will also be eligible to enter and win the weekly sweepstakes, and get a $100 Cub Foods gift card, which can be used for anything purchased at Cub Foods.
About Cub Foods

Cub Foods is a chain grocery retailer in the US. Founded in 1968, Cub Foods has opened 73 stores in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. As a grocery store, Cub Foods mainly sells products such as dairy, baked goods, vegetables, seafood, meat, frozen food, snacks, and so on. How Can You Participate in the Cub Foods Customer Survey?

  • Requirements
    1. You need to have recently bought something at Cub Foods, and still have the receipt.
    2. You need to have access to the internet.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Visit the website of the Cub Foods customer survey (see related link 1 below).
    2. Choose the language in which you want to take the survey: English or Spanish, and click on "Begin Survey".
    3. Enter the text appearing in the image on the new page, and click on "Next".
    4. Enter the code, store number, and date of visit, all of which are printed on your receipt.
    5. On the new page, answer the questions about your most recent shopping experience at Cub Foods.
    6. When you have finished all the questions, leave your telephone number and email address as contact information. You will be informed if you have won the weekly sweepstakes for the $100 Cub Foods gift card.
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