Manage Halifax Online Banking Account

As a a client of Halifax Bank, you can manage your account easily on the internet. To get started, just register Halifax Online Banking, enjoy the convenience of online banking service.
What Is Halifax Online Banking?

Halifax, as a division of Bank of Scotland, is the largest provider for residential mortgages and saving accounts in UK. Its services cover from mortgages, bank accounts, and savings to credit cards, loans, ISAs, etc. Halifax Online Banking service, with over 3 million regular users so far, is an easy, secure and convenient way for you to manage your account efficiently at any time you want. How To Register Halifax Online Banking?

  • Requirements
    1. If you are a Halifax existing client, you need to know your account details clearly, including your Halifax sort code and account number or credit card number.
    2. If you are not a Halifax existing client, you can still register, but need to go through a bit more steps.
  • If You Are An Existing Client
    1. Visit the second link in Related Links section below, click on "Register for online banking".
    2. Fill in the registration form shown on the screen with your account detail and personal detail, and finish the registration process following instructions.
  • If You Are Not An Existing Client
    1. Visit the third link in Related Links section below, click "Open a new account", following instructions to finish the registration process.
    2. Once you finish the registration, you will receive a temporary password to be used when you sign in for the first time.
    3. Visit the second link in Related Links section below, click "Complete registration", enter your username and temporary password. Then, you can change your temporary password to a personal one. At last, read and accept the online service terms and conditions.
    4. So far, you have completed the registration process and you should be able to use your Halifax Online Banking service now.
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