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If you enjoy having dinner at Outback Steakhouse, you probably would like to sign up for the My Outback rewards program. With the rewards program, you can earn points for every visit to an Outback Steakhouse restaurant, and can redeem the points for a number of rewards. Signing up for the program is easy, you can do it online within a few minutes.
What Is The My Outback Rewards Program?

Outback Steakhouse operates over 1,200 restaurants in 22 countries around the world. It is recognized for serving full flavor food. The My Outback Rewards Program is Outback's way to say thank you to customers who frequently visit. Once joined, a customer can earn points with the code printed on a Outback receipt. Besides redeeming points for free food, the customer can also gain access to special events and sweepstakes. How To Join The My Outback Rewards Program Online?

  • Requirements
    1. You need to have a computer with internet access.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to the My Outback Rewards website (related link 1 below).
    2. Click on the link marked "JOIN MY OUTBACK REWARDS NOW."
    3. Enter your personal information as instructed, choose a password, then click on the button marked "SUBMIT."
    4. Once joined, you can log in to enter the rewards codes printed on receipts. The more codes your enter, the more points you earn, and the more rewards you receive.
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