My Stonyfield Rewards Program

Do you purchase Stonyfield's yogurt often? Do you want to get some rewards as a keen customer? Here comes your chance! Join My Stonyfield Rewards program, gain points for purchasing Stonyfield yogurt, get various gifts from Stonyfield.
What Is My Stonyfield Rewards program?

My Stonyfield Rewards program is a program projected by Stonyfield Farm, the number one producer of organic yogurt in the US. Aiming at giving thank you gifts to its keen customers and inviting more organic yogurt lovers, Stonyfield Farm has promoted this program as one important marketing section. After registering, uncover the lid of any Stonyfield yogurt you bought, find the reward code inside, enter it into your My Stonyfield Rewards account, you will get points. When your points have accumulated to a certain sum, you can exchange them for your desired gifts among the three types: tasty rewards, such as free yogurt coupon, fun rewards, such as a growth chart, earth friendly rewards, such as carbon offsets. How To Join My Stonyfield Rewards Program?

  • Requirements
    1. You need to have access to the internet
    2. You need to provide some personal information to create a My Stonyfield Rewards account.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Visit My Stonyfield Rewards website (related link 1 below), and click "Join now".
    2. As required, enter your gender, first name, date of birth and ZIP code, and provide your email address and your desired password as your account information. Don't forget to tick the services you want. After that, you are asked to choose the product you have bought in the recent 3 months among the product list.
    3. Once filled all the information, click "submit", then your account is created.
    4. Now you can gain points for every Stonyfield organic yogurt you purchased. Don't forget to look for the reward codes on the lid.
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