Shell Drivers' Club

As a driver, have you got your Shell Drivers' Club card? It is the high time that you picked one at a petrol station and registered online, as once joined the Shell Drivers' Club or Shell V-Power Club, you can get numerous rewards as a privileged customer of Shell, and even earn money off vouchers to save your petrol fees.
What Is Shell Drivers' Club?

Shell Drivers' Club, whose official website is, is the special customer reward program designed by Royal Dutch Shell, a famous oil and gas company in the world. With headquarter in The Hague, Netherlands, and registered office in London, UK, Shell Drivers' Club service is available in all regions of UK. Pick a Shell Drivers' Club card at any Shell Service Station, and finish your registration online, you will become a Shell Drivers' Club member and enjoy many bonus rewards as long as you buy Shell petrol at any petrol station where Shell Service is provided. As one reward option, you can exchange your points for money-off vouchers to save money for your petrol purchase. How To Join In Shell Drivers' Club And Earn Money Off Vouchers?

  • Requirements
    1. You need to go to a petrol station providing Shell Service, and pick a Shell Drivers' Club card for free.
    2. You need to have access to the internet and provide some personal information for setting up your account as a Shell Drivers' Club member.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to a petrol station providing Shell Service, and pick a Shell Drivers' Club card.
    2. Visit the website of Shell Drivers' Club, and click "Join In" (related link 1 below).
    3. Enter the first 9 digits after 700405 of your Shell Drivers' Club card, and then fill in your email, so that you will be timely informed of the latest promotion offered by Shell.
    4. Once registered, you will immediately get 50 points in your account as a welcome reward. Every time purchasing Shell petrol at a Shell Service station, provide your Shell Drivers' Club card number, so that you can get points for your petrol purchase.
    5. When your points have accumulated to a certain amount, you can exchange them for rewards you desire. As one option, you can choose money-off vouchers, which will save you some money when paying for your next Shell petrol purchase.
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