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If you are between jobs and a legal resident of the State of Virginia there are resources out there to help you make ends meet until you are back on your feet again. If you are unemployed, you can make an unemployment claim to receive unemployment benefits and other help from the state government and related organizations. By filing an unemployment claim with the Virginia Employment Commission, you can get unemployment benefits from the Virginia State government, view job listings provided by the Virginia Employment Commission, and apply for jobs.
About the Virginia Employment Commission

The Virginia Employment Commission is a division of the Virginia State government which provides employers and job hunters services and information regarding unemployment benefits and the labor market. It has created an online portal for you to file an unemployment claim. The whole process lasts about 45 minutes and requires that you list your whole education and employment history. How Can You File an Unemployment Claim with the Virginia Employment Commission?

  • Requirements
    1. You need to have a computer with internet access.
    2. You must be a legal resident of the State of Virginia.
    3. Your claim must be made against the state in which you last worked, so your last job must have been in Virginia.
    4. You must not have worked in some state other than Virginia during the last 18 months.
    5. You will need to have handy your personal information such as: Social Security Number Complete contact information for your employers over the last 18 months Method of being paid: VA debit card or direct deposit (with bank routing number and account number.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to the Virginia Employment Commission website at: http://www.vec.virginia.gov/vecportal//index.cfm.
    2. Click on the link in the box marked "Unemployed?"
    3. Click on the link in the green box marked "Unemployed? File a Claim Online."
    4. Read through the filing process information page and then click on the link at the bottom of the page marked "Click Here to File an Initial or Weekly/Continued Claim."
    5. If this is your first time to file and unemployment claim, click on the link marked "Click Here to Create a New Internet Account."
    6. Choose a User ID and password, enter your personal information and click on the button marked "Submit."
    7. Log in to your new account and complete the claim filing process.
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