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The California Lifeline is a state telephone program that allows eligible households to enjoy basic telephone (landline) discount services. California Lifeline provides two methods to qualify for the program. Method 1 is program-based under which you might get qualification if you or someone else in your household is already participating in at least one of the eligible public-assistance programs that California Lifeline acknowledged. Method 2 is income-based under which you would qualify for the program when your annual total household income is no more than the California Lifeline income limits. Only under program-based method can you use online application. Once you get approved as the California Lifeline customer, various discounted residential telephone services are available to you. For example, flat-rate local telephone service with unlimited local calls, measured local telephone service at a lower rate, get toll-blocking or toll-restriction for free and also a discount on the initial installation or activation fees for telephone service.
About California LifeLine

California Lifeline program is administered by service providers and sponsored by the California Public Utilities Commission (The CPUC). The CPUC regulates privately owned utility companies and common carriers in California. It aims to serve the public interest by protecting consumers and ensuring safe reliable provision of service and infrastructure at reasonable rates. It also works to improve environment and promote a healthy sustainable California economy. How Can You Apply For California LifeLine Telephone Program Online?

  • Requirements
    1. A computer with internet access.
    2. A home telephone number.
    3. An application form with a PIN number in a pink envelop received from California Lifeline.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Contact phone company to begin the application of California Lifeline telephone program, and get verified with the rules. For eligible requirements, refer to the California Lifeline program: important information for new applicants at related link 1.
    2. Receive application form with a PIN number in a pink envelop.
    3. Go to California LifeLine website at related link 2 below.
    4. Enter your home telephone number and the PIN number in the textboxes.
    5. Choose the way you hear about California Lifeline and click the button marked "Login".
    6. For further information, refer to the California Lifeline FAQ at related link 3.
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