Join California Lottery's Replay program

California Lottery's Replay Program is random drawing program for participants in California Lottery with Scratchers® non-winning ticket to get a second chance to collect a prize. If your Scratchers ticket did not hit a prize in the lottery, you can go to California Lottery website to participate in Replay Program with your Ticket ID and Entry Code before the entry deadline to get a another chance for a prize. For each Pool Draw, there are ten lucky winners to be selected, each of whom will win $1000 Replay Pool drawing prize. For detailed information about this program, please refer to the California Lottery's Replay Program Official Rules at related link 3. Participation of California Lottery's Replay Program with your Scratchers® non-winning ticket is an easy, convenient, and completely free way for you to uncover another chance to collect a prize. You may become one of ten lucky winners to get $1000 prize each drawing period.
About the California State Lottery

California State Lottery is a lottery program authorized by California government after the Lottery Act was approved by 58 percent of voters on Nov. 6, 1984. The mission of California State Lottery is to provide supplemental funding for public schools and colleges in California. The minimum age to participate in California Lottery program is 18 years old. How to join California Lottery's Replay program?

  • Requirements
    1. A computer with internet access.
    2. A non-winning Scratchers ticket for entering the Replay Program.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to the California Lottery website at related link 1 below, find and click the link of "Replay" under of dropdown list of Play part, Second Chance subpart.
    2. In the center of the page, click on the button marked "Submit Your Ticket Here".
    3. If you already have an account at California Lottery, enter your email and password to login to your account. If not, you need to click "created a new account" button for registration first.
    4. Enter your Scratcher ticket's Ticket ID and Entry Code into the required field and click "Submit" to enter the replay program.
    5. For further information, refer to the California Lottery FAQ at related link 4.
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