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For citizens of Chicago, if you don't want to go to local office to pay your water bills, you can choose to pay your water bills online with your credit card at Chicago Department of Revenue website. Only need to complete easy registration process first, then you can make payment and manage your account at Chicago Department of Revenue. Once you register online, you can login to your account via Chicago's online water payments portal, pay your due water bills, view your payment history, account balance and get payment receipts conveniently at anytime you want.
About Chicago Department of Revenue

City of Chicago is the official website of Chicago city. As one of Chicago department, Chicago department of Revenue is responsible for collecting City receivables as well as providing many customer services to Chicago citizens. You can pay parking ticket, red-light tickets and water bill, pay and file your taxes online at Chicago department of Revenue. How To Register To Pay Water Bill Online At Chicago Department of Revenue?

  • Requirements
    1. Citizens of Chicago.
    2. A valid credit card to pay for your water bills online.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to the Chicago Department of Revenue website at related link 1 below, click on the quick links button marked "Pay Water Bill" to enter Online Water Payments Portal.
    2. For first time users, click "register now" and begin going through registration process.
    3. Select the type of registration, to manage your personal account, tick "individual profile" and click "continue" to go to next step.
    4. Choose your User ID and password, enter your personal information to complete registration process.
    5. Go to Online Water Payments Portal again, enter your User ID and password to login, then you can pay water bill online with your credit card.
    6. For further information, refer to the Online Water Payments FAQ at related link 3.
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