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The Gap Rewards Program is now open to all holders of Gap Card, which is a credit card offered by Gap for its regular customers. If you purchase your clothes at Gap quite often, you are highly recommended to register your GapCard online so that every dollar you spend at Gap will be accumulated as points which can be redeemed for various rewards when reaching a certain amount. The registration is done within minutes, with your Gap account number, your email address and the selected brands promotions submit, as well as your personal details provided and a password set up for your account. Signing up the Gap Card to the Gap Rewards Program can bring many benefits to a Gap Card holder. Following the registration instruction, providing your email address, signing up for eBill, submitting a valid phone number, and signing up for Athleta emails, you will get 2,000 points in your Gap Rewards account, which can be redeemed for a $20 Reward card for your next purchase at Gap. Moreover, for every one dollar you spend at Gap, you will get 5 points in your account. And you can redeem 1,000 Rewards points for a $10 Rewards Card, which can be used in any Gap store, anytime you want.
About Gap

Gap, Inc. is a worldly-famous retailer of clothing and accessories. Founded in 1969 by Donald G. Fisher and Doris F. Fisher, it has now 5 primary brands, namely Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta. With more than 3,000 stores all over the world, it is surpasses as the largest apparel retailer of the world by Inditex Group. You can find clothing for men, women and children at any Gap store, and the best-sellers at Gap are always its basic, but also fashionable and comfortable designs. How To Sign Up A GapCard To Earn Rewards?

  • Requirements
    1. You need to have access to the internet.
    2. You need to have your GapCard.
    3. You need to provide some of your personal details, such as email address and mobile phone number, etc.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Visit the homepage of GapCard(Related Link 1 Below).
    2. In the middle of the webpage, you will see the introduction of GapCArd Rewards Program. Click “Sign up now”.
    3. In the new webpage, enter your GapCard account number, your email address, and select which brands you are interested in receiving emails about, and then click “Submit and continue”.
    4. If you would like to earn other points, enter you mobile phone number, and sign up the eBill.
    5. Set the password of your Rewards account, and click “Continue”.
    6. Then you have successfully signed up your GapCard, and start your way of earning points and rewards now!
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