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HM Revenue & Customs income tax website is the place for individuals and employees to find out how much income tax you need to pay and how much allowances you can claim. If you think you've paid too much for your tax and want to claim tax refund, you can get relevant information and instruction through this website. There are clear instructions on the website which tell you what you need to do to claim tax refund in the UK under different situations, when you are still working, when you stop working, when you just retire or when you have been retired for a while. Follow steps instructed on the website to contact HMRC and apply for a tax refund, you'll probably get back the tax you've overpaid.
About HM Revenue & Customs

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is non-ministerial department of the UK government. HMRC is responsible for tax collection, both direct taxes and indirect taxes, and payment of Child Benefit, Child Trust Fund and Tax Credits. How To Claim A Tax Refund At HM Revenue & Customs?

  • Requirements
    1. Your tax code if you pay tax through PAYE in the UK.
    2. Your reasons to be explained to HMRC why you think your tax is overpaid and want to reclaim it back.
    3. Tax forms P60 and P45, employment information and benefit history, if applicable.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to HMRC Income Tax website at related link 1 below, click on the link "Tax Refunds and Reclaiming Overpaid Tax" .
    2. According to your personal situation, find suitable links to click on, read and learn how to prepare material and claim a refund through PAYE, Self Assessment or by sending in form R40, as well as time limits for claiming.
    3. If you are a current employee or a retired employee receiving pension or retirement annuity through PAYE, to reclaim PAYE overpayment for current year and last year, you need to contact local HMRC office, explain why you think your tax is overpaid and send to them any require documents if needed; to claim PAYE overpayment for earlier tax years, you need to write to HMRC and provide forms P60, P45 and other relevant documents.
    4. If you have just retired and don't expect to receive any taxable pension income, complete form P50 and send it to HMRC along with part 2 and part 3 of form P45, keep part 1A as a record of income, then wait for response from HMRC.
    5. For further information, refer to the HMRC Tax Refunds and Reclaiming Overpaid Tax web page at related link 2. You can find related forms through related link 4.
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