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Hulkshare provides a good platform for music fans to upload their own music and share it with others. Before uploading and sharing, however, they need to sign up first by providing their email address. After signing up for Hulkshare with their email address, music fans will be able to upload their songs, demos, samples, beats, and any other music files to the platform. They can choose to upload with their name so that more people will get to know them. Or if they don’t want to be identified, they can upload anonymously by changing their account setting.
About Hulkshare

Hulkshare is a leading music platform which serves artists, blogs, labels, magazines, etc. At this site, music fans can listen to various styles of songs for free. What’s more, they can upload their own music either with their name or anonymously. In this way, they can share with other fans around the world and receive their earnest comments and suggestions. How Can You Upload Your Music to Hulkshare?

  • Requirements
    1. A computer with Internet access.
    2. Your email address.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to the homepage of Hulkshare at related link 1 below and then click on the link marked “Upload Your Music” at the left of the web page.
    2. If you have already registered for Hulkshare, log in directly with your username and password. If not, click on the button marked “Sign Up”, enter your email and create an account of your own.
    3. Upload your music by following the instructions of the website.
    4. For further information, refer to the homepage of Hulkshare at related link 1.
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  1. Hulkshare: http://www.hulkshare.com

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