Set up an Online Account for a SecuritE Card

The Department of Social Services of the State of Missouri, has been issuing SecuritE Cards to families that receive child support payments on a monthly basis. This card allows the cardholder to receive child support payments electronically from a payment center rather than through personal checks sent in the mail. To set up your online account, go to the SecuritE Card website and keep your card handy. By setting up an account online for your SecuritE Card you will be able to receive your regular child support payments electronically. They will be issued from a centralized payment center. This means that you will not have to wait for personal checks to show up in the mail. Also, you will be able to go online to review and manage your account whenever you feel like it.
About the Department of Social Services of the State of Missouri

The Department of Social Services of the State of Missouri is tasked with providing services to residents of the State of Missouri that include aid programs for children, access to health care, child support enforcement and so on. The Department of Social Services employs over 7,000 people and has a budget of 8.1 billion dollars. How can you set up an online account for your SecuritE Card?

  • Requirements
    1. A computer with internet access.
    2. You must have received a SecuritE Card.
    3. You must have the authorization code that should have been sent to you in an email.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to the SecuritE Card Login website at related link 1 below.
    2. Enter the 16 digit SecuritE Card account number as it appears on your card into the required field under the section labeled “First Time Login” and then click on the button marked “Enter”.
    3. Complete the account set-up process as directed.
    4. If you have any questions about your SecuritE Card or logging into your account please go to the SecuritE Help page at related link 2 below.
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