T-Mobile Mini-SIM Activation

T-Mobile provides quick entries for its Mini-SIM activation. If you have received a new Mini-SIM from T-Mobile, you need to activate it online first before using. Once the new Mini-SIM card is activated, your old SIM will be automatically disconnected from the network. With your old phone and SIM and your new Mini-SIM, you can finish the online activation within minutes. By entering your mobile number and the text message you receive from T-Mobile on your phone, your Mini-SIM can be put to use immediately after activation. Meanwhile, you have no need to worry about your contacts on your old SIM as you can still use your old SIM to transfer the contacts to your Mini-SIM.
About T-Mobile (UK)

T-Mobile UK is a UK operator of mobile network and mobile broadband services. Founded in 1993, it is now owned and operated by the largest communications company in the United Kingdom, Everything Everywhere. As the world’s twelfth-largest mobile service provider, T-Mobile provides services and products such as mobile phones, iPad, and other to its customers. How Can You Activate Your New T-Mobile Mini-SIM?

  • Requirements
    1. A T-Mobile signal so that you can receive a text message from T-mobile.
    2. Your old phone and SIM.
    3. You new T-Mobile mini SIM.
    4. A computer with access to the internet.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Visit the webpage of T-Mobile Mini-SIM Activation at link 1 below.
    2. As required, enter your mobile number and the word from the image below the blank, and click “Submit”.
    3. Check you mobile, on which you will receive a text message from T-Mobile. Enter the 4-digit pin code in the text and click “Next”.
    4. In the next page, click “Activate” to finish your T-Mobile Mini-SIM activation.
    5. Find more help among the Frequently Asked Questions about T-Mobile Services at link 2 below.
    6. Visit the homepage of T-Mobile (UK) for more information at related link 3.
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