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amil Nadu Generation And Distribution Corporation Limited was reconstructed officially with its former corperation named Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. It is now strives to providing electricity for all household in India and attempts the environment-friendly method to generate electricity. Besides, Nadu Generation And Distribution Corporation Limited is intended to satisfy the energy needs of the state and tries its best to propose new generation projects for the ever increasing demand of energy in the future. Using Tamil Nadu Generation And Distribution Corporation Limited online service is a time-saving and energy-saving way for you to complete your bill payment or checking procedure anytime, anywhere you have computer connecting to the internet. You don't have to go to the Energy Office any more to ask for information or pay your energy bill which is rather time-consuming.
About the Government of Tamil Nadu

Situated at the south eastern of India, Tamil Nadu is one of the most industrialized states in the country founded on January 25th, 1950. The government of Tamil Nadu is headquartered in its capital city Chennai. It has conducted initiative investments in many sectors such as manufacturing, Electronic Hardware industries and has make a great success in all sectors. The version of the Government currently is to make Tamil Nadu as a hub for global manufacturing. How Can You Check Your Bill Status Online With TANGEDCO?

  • Requirements
    1. A computer with internet access.
    2. Your service number for the bill.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to the Government of Tamil Nadu homepage at the related link 1.
    2. Click on the link marked "Department Wise Services" under the category "Online Services" at the top section of the page.
    3. Click on the link with words displayed “Bill Status (Selected Regions)” under the "Energy Department" in the middle section of the page.
    4. Move your mouse pointer to the "Billing Service" at the top section in blue and click on the "Bill Status" link.
    5. Enter your Region and Service Number information and click on the "Proceed" button in purple.
    6. For further information, please refer to the Government of Tamil Nadu FAQ at the related link 2.
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