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Do you want to book GP appointment and/or order repeat prescription yet not want to go to hospital in person? No problem, EMIS Access online service can help you solve this problem. Create your account, log in to the system, then you can manage your request conveniently at home.
What Is EMIS Access Online Service?

Patient UK, in cooperation with EMIS, a computer system supplier, provides a platform called EMIS Access Online Service to enable patients in the UK to book GP appointments and order repeat prescriptions online. Access to this online service system is only permitted to authorized users in the UK, to those who have received a Registration Letter from the surgery previously. First time users of this system need to create their account, and provide required information shown on Registration Letter. After sign up, patients can log in to the system, book or cancel their GP appointments and order repeat prescriptions online as they want. How To Book GP Appointments And Order Repeat Prescriptions ?

  • Requirements
    1. If you are a new user of the online service, you need to have a Registration Letter to create your account. All registration information can be found on your Registration Letter, the one you obtained from the surgery previously.
    2. To log in to booking service, you are required to provide your Practice ID, Access ID and password.
  • If You Are A New User Of EMIS Access, How To Sign Up?
    1. Go to EMIS Access sign up page (related link 3 below).
    2. Submit your registration information, including your PIN, Practice ID, Access ID, and individual NHS number. Follow instructions to complete registration process.
  • If You Are An Existing User Of EMIS Access, How To Book?
    1. Go to EMIS Access login page (related link 2 below), log in your account by entering your Practice ID, Access ID and your password.
    2. Then you can book or cancel appointments or order repeat prescriptions online under your account.
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