Use TALX Paperless Pay To Save Resources - Use TALX Paperless Pay To Save Resources The company you work for may be using a TALX Paperless Pay system instead of a traditional check-issuing payroll system. If your company uses TALX Paperless Pay to pay its employees, how will your payroll department benefit from TALX? Find out!
What Is TALX Paperless Pay?

TALX Paperless Pay is a computer program that a company can buy that allows a payroll department to manage pay stubs, direct deposit functions, updates to employee tax information (W-4, in the US), and automatically produce electronic reports on commissions, schedules and so on. How Do You Use TALX Paperless Pay?

  • Requirements
    1. You must have a computer with Internet access that is also connected to the intranet of your company. The computer that you use at work should be sufficient.
    2. If you are in your company's payroll department, you must have access to employee work records.
    3. If you are a regular employee and you wish to update your personal information on TALX, you must be on the payroll of your employer. If you are a temporary employee, you may not be eligible to use the TALX system.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to the TALX sub site on your employer's intranet.
    2. Enter your employee ID and password.
    3. From the Main Menu, you may choose the Pay Stub Review sub-menus to review a past or current pay stubs.
    4. From the Main Menu, you may choose the Direct Deposit Maintenance sub-menu to make changes to deposit accounts and amounts payable.
    5. From the Main Menu, you may choose the W-4 Update sub-menu. This sub-menu may be accessed by individual employees, giving them the responsibility of name, address, and personal data for tax purposes.
    6. From the Main Menu, you may choose the eReports sub-menu from which you may generate automated customisable reports on bonus reports, scheduling, commissions and so on.
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