Take Part In The ACME Customer Satisfaction Survey For A Chance To Win A $100 Gift Card

ACME Markets Survey is a program launched by ACME to collect the information of the attitudes of its customers towards the products and services it offers, so to promote the related improvement according to the candid feedback and make itself more attractive and popular among the people. To participate in the ACME Markets Survey, you will have the chance to win $100 in the weekly drawing of ACME Markets to show their appreciation for your candid feedback as well as your time. You can tell about your purchasing experience in ACME Markets and the advantages or disadvantages through the whole process. What’s more, you can give your own comment on the quality of the products and the services it offered or any other related suggestions so to make your next visit more enjoyable.
About ACME Markets

ACME Markets Inc. was first established in 1891 in South Philadelphia, and from the very beginning emphasized quality products, low prices and friendly service. Now it is a supermarket chain with 116 stores across the United States and more than 13,000 associates. How Can You Take Part In The ACME Customer Satisfaction Survey For A Chance To Win A $100 Gift Card?

  • Requirements
    1. A device with Internet access.
    2. Your ACME Markets receipt.
    3. A valid email address.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to the website of ACME Markets Survey at related link 1 below. www.acmemarketssurvey.com.
    2. Select the location you visited, and enter your email address as required. Click on the white "Next" button to continue.
    3. Enter the date you visit the store, and continue the "Next" button to continue.
    4. Enter the basic information and submit survey.
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