Use DellConnect To Solve A Computer Problem

DellConnect is a simple but revolutionary online tool which allows a Dell remote support technician to access your computer under your supervision through internet connection and help to diagnose and troubleshoot your computer problem with necessary fixes. By utilizing DellConnect, you can enjoy quick and convenient technology support all at home. Besides, DellConnect offers you privacy protections in many ways. During the DellConnect session, you are able to monitor all the actions taken to your system and always have overriding control by moving your mouse. If you want to stop the session, just select "X" in the upper right-hand conner of the session window. It's just like you are right there with the technician.
About Dell, Inc.

Dell, Inc. is one of the largest multinational information technology corporations in the world, which develops, sells PCs and related products and also endeavors to provide technology solutions and best client experience to customers around the world. How Can You Use DellConnect Program To Solve A Computer Problem?

  • Requirements
    1. A high speed internet connection.
    2. A Dell PC under warranty and its Service Tag.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Go to the Dell Contact Technical Support at related link 1 below, and contact a technician for DellConnect Session.
    2. Go to the DellConnect program website at related link 2 below.
    3. Review DellConnect Terms and Conditions with your technician and then click on the button marked "I Agree".
    4. Enter the code number given by the technician into the textbox and click on the button "Go".
    5. Select "Run" at the next two prompts asking you to download the DellConnect Software to your computer.
    6. Begin your DellConnect Session and troubleshoot problem with the remote help of technician.
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