Access Cricket MMBox to View a Multimedia Message

The Multimedia Mailbox, shortened as MMBox, is a web-based mailbox messaging service portal. Provisioned subscribers can access this mailbox and messaging service from a web browser and use this service. For nonsubscribers without access to the mailbox and messaging service, you can login to MMBox with a one-time password, and be able to view a multimedia message in the multimedia viewer. Cricket MMBox is supported by Cricket Communications. By accessing Cricket MMBox, you can view any multimedia message that you have received, and you do not need to subscribe to the service to do it. You can view such multimedia messages online whenever and wherever you want and completely at your own convenience.
About Cricket Communications

Cricket Communications, also known as Cricket Wireless, is a leading mobile phone provider in the United States, which owns and operates the seventh largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States. How Can You Access Cricket MMBox to View a Multimedia Message?

  • Requirements
    1. You need to be a Cricket mobile phone user.
    2. You need to have MSISDN number and Message ID to login.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Visit web mail service portal of Cricket.
    2. For guest subscribers, enter your MSISDN number and the message ID, which is shown in your SMS message, and click "Log In" to access the MMBox.
    3. You'll view the multimedia message you received in the multimedia viewer.
    4. You may click "save" to save the message to your computer.
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