Pay Your Bill at MetroPCS Online

The MetroPCS Company recommends you to choose to pay your bill online as your first payment choice. This online service just requires a computer with access to the internet, and you can make purchases via the internet. Credit card, ATM debit card, MetroPCS Payment Card and ACH are all acceptable payment options. Using the MetroPCS online payment service is a fairly simple, easy, convenient and total free way to speed up your payment procedure. Once AutoPay is set, your account will automatically help you pay your unfinished sale monthly, which saves you much trouble checking your account. It is secure and safe.
About the MetroPCS

The MetroPCS (former General Wireless) is known as a famous US cell phone service provider which was founded in 1994. Besides its 4G network, it also uses CDMA technology, which offers its customers many options to choose their favorite services. The MetroPCS customers can enjoy all kinds of mobile phone package services based on its rate plans. You can do online shopping at MetroPCS or find their stores in all metropolitan areas across the country. How Does a MetroPCS Customer Pay Bill Online?

  • Requirements
    1. A computer with internet access.
    2. You must be a MetroPCS customer.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Login the related link 1 below; enter the zip code of your neighborhood as required.
    2. After that, you may fill in the blanks with all the information according to the instructions, including your MetroPCS phone number, the number of money, PIN number and CW2 security as well. Press “Next” button to continue.
    3. Make sure everything you input is correct, and then submit the form.
    4. If there are any questions, please check related link 2 to refer to further FAQ.
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