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Customers of Thomas Cook Airlines in the UK are required to provide Advanced Passenger Information (API) if they are travelling to the US, or other selected destinations such as Kenya, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Turkey, etc. Advanced Passenger Information is detailed information required for travelers who are flying to the US and the other destinations listed above. It is provided for maintain the security of international travel and border entry. The Advanced Passenger Information is only valid for the journey you have booked. By submitting Advanced Passenger Information, Thomas Cook Airlines provides the Border Control Agencies of the UK and other destinations with detailed pre-departure and arrival information about travelers to ensure the security of your journey. Just go to the Thomas Cook Airlines's website to submit your API online easily and quickly.
About Thomas Cook Airlines

Thomas Cook Airlines is one of the leading airlines in the United Kingdom, specializing in providing special fights to resorts all around the world. It has 11 operating bases in the United Kingdom and its headquarters are in Manchester in England. How Can You Submit Advanced Passenger Information Online to Thomas Cook Airlines in the UK?

  • Requirements
    1. You need to have a computer with internet access.
    2. You need to provide the Booking Reference from your tour operator.
    3. Your departure date should be no more than 28 days away and at least 7 days away when you submit the information, otherwise, you should wait till the appropriate time or submit your information at check-in.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. After booking your airplane ticket, wait for 72 hours and visit the website of Thomas Cook Airlines Tour Operator (see related link 1 below).
    2. As required, enter your last name, booking reference, and departure date, then click "Login".
    3. Then you are required to enter some more information about yourself and your journey, such as your address for the first night upon arrival.
    4. When all the information is filled out, you are suggested to review it again and if everything is correct, click "Confirm". This completes the API process.
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