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Are you a student in grade 6-12? Would you like to take online video-based courses to accrue credits needed and prepare for state tests? If yes, register and access student courses online at Education2020, choose among various useful courses provided and begin your online classes.
What Is Education2020?

Education2020 is a web-based education center which helps school districts provide core and elective courses for students in grades 6-12 through online virtual classrooms. Courses offered on Education2020 cover fields of Science, Language Arts, Classic Novels, Math, Elective Courses, as well as courses related to Social Studies, all of which are aligned to state and national standards. Education2020 help students recover and gain credits they need for graduation and prepare for state tests by completing online virtual video-based courses in Dynamic VC platform. How To Access Student Courses Online At Education2020?

  • Requirements
    1. To access student courses, you need to be an existing registered user of Education2020, a student in grades 6-12 of the United States.
    2. Your computer need to be able to access internet and meet minimum requirement for watching online-video courses.
    3. If you are not a registered user, you can apply for taking a sample course in Education2020.
  • Existing Users Login
    1. Go to Education2020 website (related link 2 below), click "User Login".
    2. To access student courses, select "Virtual Classroom", enter username and password to "enter" Dynamic VC (virtual classroom).
  • Take A Tour
    1. To access a sample course, go to related link 3 below.
    2. Enter your email address, real name, job title, school name and address to complete the form, then "submit".
    3. You'll then see a confirmation screen as well as a confirmation email with your login info.
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